Do-it-Yourself Website?…By The Way, How’s That Diet Working Out For You?

Challenge Accepted

In today’s market, your website works as a storefront and showcase for yourself, your business and/or your products.  To visitors (and potential customers) it represents your company and what you, as an owner, perceive is a good level of quality.  In this sense, your website should be your top priority when it comes to appearance.  Having this knowledge, are you confident that you, as an individual, possess the necessary skills and experience to put together an effective website of which your target audience can appreciate?  Can you really do it in one night?

 Where’s My Flying Car?

Do-it-Yourself Website?...By The Way, How’s That Diet Working Out For You?

When I heard about “Do-it-Yourself” websites or “Websites Overnight,” I was thrilled.  You could hear my exuberant exclamations from across the street:

“My flying car has finally arrived! I can make a website over night and start selling products tomorrow morning?  How perfect!”

However, I quickly realized my flying car was no more than a paper airplane or those “sea monkeys” advertised in 1970’s comic book ads.  Website-building tools were limited in scope of flexibility and the results were a “boxy” facade.  In addition, a great deal of coding, minifying and optimization still had to happen before one achieved the desired effect.  Furthermore, where aesthetics were important, it was clear to me that novices couldn’t achieve the look that a person with talent and years of experience would generate in minimum of a few days, let alone one night.  Sadly, I realized I would still have to wait for my flying car.

  Webbing, Thy Name is Aesthetics

It’s true that today’s advances make it possible to set up e-commerce sites at the drop of a hat.  However, technology didn’t eliminate the competition.  The “out-of-the-box” site that you created last night is also the same site 3,000 of your competitors launched two-nights ago.  Competitive edge is a required feature in this race. A winner does not succeed by running in the middle of the pack.  To move ahead, you need to realize your audience, consider layouts, colors and space, and test the look of your site on all browsers and platforms (which include tablets and smart phones).  You also need to come to the awful realization that what you deem “awesome” may look trivial to 90% of your target audience.  Considerations like these and a hundred more arise when creating the visual aspect of your website. (Plus, I’m only talking about the visuals. I haven’t even brought up the ugly world of Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”)).

Enticing offers of “Do-it-Yourself” website kits flood the market.  Those are nice for the neighborhood baseball team or local church. However, the true nature and reality of a very competitive internet market makes it virtually impossible to cut such corners.  Just like professional trainers help you tone up your body and lose weight faster.  Professional web designers can help you develop a beautiful website to sell your brand, attract an audience, generate sales leads and/or generate greater sales of goods and services.

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