SEO Habit: Observing your Customers’ Needs and Then Addressing Them Conjures a Winning Combo

I learned a long time ago that creating a website is as much about putting together fast-loading pages as pro boxing is about flailing your arms. A good website needs not only a winning design, but a great strategy to convert a visitor into a customer.  Increasing your conversion rate relies on you understanding your audiences’ needs and offering them  viable solutions – a combo knockout. To achieve this victory, you must tap into the conversation in your visitors’ heads, identify their needs and provide  fixes to their problems.

SEO Habit: Observing your Customers' Needs and Then Addressing Them Conjures a Winning Combo

For example, an online magazine’s key goal may be to increase online subscriptions.  Only through smart analysis and observation will it find ways to provide relevant content while “clearing out” distractions.  The magazine may determine that too much content confuses and scares away visitors and too little content is not enough to captivate.  Achieving something midway may be the right formula or at least a first-step approach to increasing conversion.  This is where something like web analytics and conversion rate optimization comes in handy. These methods will help explain why targeted traffic is not eating up the magazine’s content and also reveal “leaks” (unnecessary content) the magazine needs to plug.

Solutions are like fingerprints and are unique for each individual, company or industry.  No out-of-the-box fix will work for any one company. Therefore, you should devise a custom approach that makes sense to your own unique findings.

Additionally, be aware that optimization is an ongoing task driven by trends, technology or social changes, etc.  It involves you to vigilantly listen to the ever-changing needs of the customer and learn what he/she demands from your products or services.  In the end, you should have convinced your website visitors that your products or services will undoubtedly satisfy them.

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