Social Media is Hot Apple Pie

Marketing combined with Social Media is like a friendly neighbor knocking on your door with a hot apple pie in hand. It’s no wonder social media sites have become the

Hot Apple Pie

darling of businesses and individuals in building long-lasting relationships with customers. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr attract customers with scalpel-like precision — and does so in such a amiable manner. Simply put, marketing using social media resources and tools is the ideal way to catch attention.

A whooping 85% of all marketers reported that social media platforms generated significant exposure for their business. Others reported significantly improved traffic to their websites.  This leads me to believe that social media is sticking around for a bit. I possess first-hand knowledge of this phenomenon through my own experience in utilizing social media buttons in websites I have constructed. There is dramatic improvement in ranking more so than if I did not use social media at all.

Branding your product is no picnic

In essence, social media and branding your product goes hand-in-hand. A combination of email distributions, web page functionality/design and overall friendliness works to augment your status on networks like Facebook (i.e. Facebook fan page). On the other side of the coin, you can invite people to visit your Facebook site through your web page and your email contribution.  However, no one said it would be easy. Building a community of targeted users takes commitment.  As a web designer, I can only do so much for my clients. I initially set up the pages and create forms, graphics and keywords on the web-page side.  I also push through keywords on the social-site side. Yet, it’s up to the customer to either hire a marketer or individually continue the process of communicating through multimedia, viral video or blogging. If a business owner does not have time to market his/her site, it behooves the owner to pay the extra amount to have a marketer do the grunt work.


In order to execute and maintain a successful social media campaign, you must continually nurture targeted fans through interaction. On a psychological level, visitors love attention. Respecting their inherent nature helps your company bond with them.  Interactive- and collaborative-type websites succeed the most by harboring that bond. Have you ever wondered why Yahoo! contains articles and news completely off topic of what traditional news should be?  It’s because they are catering to the trending taste of their audience.  A twerking Miley Cyrus is more newsworthy than a conflict in Syria when it comes to the online public’s interest.

Social Media is Hot Apple Pie

The topic is also what attracts the masses, which is good for selling advertisement.  Get them to push the button. Meaning, you need to get the viewer interacting by “liking” and “ranking” your site, leaving comments and pressing the “play” button. Through frequent use of communication by multimedia, videos, games, blogging and email marketing, you can drive internet traffic your way and maintain it for a long time.

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