About Me

About Me

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Adding Value

I have been providing design and project solutions for my small-business clients for over a decade. Through that experience I gathered a wealth of wisdom and knowledge which I try to apply to my current projects. I personally strive for both quality and affordability in my work and endeavor to add immediate and long-term value to your business by applying smart solutions and creating eye-catching designs.


Formula for Success

I’ve worked on a broad range of projects from actor pages to business websites. My experience has lead me to believe that three key factors produce a satisfied client: Listening, Researching, and Applying. (1) Listening carefully to a client’s goals and concerns helps me establish a clear understanding of the client’s needs and timeline. (2) Researching the industry or niche the client is pursuing offers clues about industry standards and the type of audience expected to visit the website. (3) Applying the clues learned from careful listening and good research helps me carve out an effective look, feel and tone that will both satisfy the client and attract visitors. And once this is a achieved, we do it again because this arena is ever-changing.


The Right Stuff

If you are looking to build a beautiful, easy-to-navigate, effective website, you have landed on the right page. Visit my portfolio at troyrowtham.com.
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